the best contactless
communication technology.
NearBytes is the only contactless communication technology on the market that ensures the success of any communication between devices.
Compatible with all mobile phones, tablets and computers.
It doesn’t need internet to work.
It provides a security layer and integrated authentication.
It's ready to use.
NearBytes is more affordable and efficient than Bluetooth and NFC technologies.
How does it work
NearBytes is a patent pending technology that uses sound waves to exchange information between close devices.

NearBytes technology, that takes the same name as the company, is able to make devices communicate easily, quickly and securely, using only a microphone and a speaker, components that we find today on all gadgets. In this communication, the sound is not only the transmission channel, but the data itself.
NearBytes has the perfect solution for your business.
NearBytes contactless communication technology is practical, safe and easy to use. Check out the solutions available to you:
Broadcasting (TV/radio)
Access Control
Payments in physical stores and
Tickets validation
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