NearBytes: the best contactless
communication technology.

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NearBytes is the only contactless communication technology on the market that ensures the success of any communication between devices.

Compatible with all mobile phones, tablets and computers.

It doesn’t need internet to work.

It provides a security layer and integrated authentication.

It's ready to use.

NearBytes is more affordable and efficient than Bluetooth and NFC technologies.

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NearBytes has the perfect solution for your business.

NearBytes contactless communication technology is practical, safe and easy to use. Check out the solutions available to you:

Alberto Blois
Director at Riosoft Executive

Knowing NearBytes since its foundation and tracking its success has been a privilege.The development of an 100% national technology with extreme success and competence makes us believe more and more in the potential of Brazilian companies. NearBytes promotes, through its technology, ease of access to new markets, increasingly positioning Brazil in the IT industry in a world technological innovation scenario.

Wilson Tawodzera
Director at Edgetech Consultancy
Harare/Zimbábue - África

I used the NearBytes solution for developing a mobile payments solution. The solution required secure communication between a mobile phone and a POS device. The NearBytes API was very easy to use in the integration, and I got great support from the NearBytes team. They never ignored any of my appeals for clarification or assistance. Their enthusiasm to assist was amazing. I love NearBytes and looking forward to working with NearBytes in many of my banking solutions.

Fernando Rosenthal
Press officer at Dona Communication

To talk about NearBytes technology is something I would look suspicious at, as I have been the press secretary of the initiative, but the truth is that I was surprised with such a well prepared innovation, so simple, and it literally 'speaks' for itself. I have been a press officer for years and because we are professionals we must defend ideas and concepts with teeth and nails. With NearBytes it was not like that. They were so competent in producing something unique and so simple that it enchants just by itself. I never had to sell it in the media, but position it at the right time with the right people.

Gabriel Tavares
Partner at LogBit

In 10 years of Logbit, Nearbytes was the technology partner that actually helped us find better solutions to our challenges. A company that treats technology as a means and not an end has a large advantage in the market, being always careful to the needs of its customers and users.

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NearBytes has won several national and international innovation awards. Check out some highlights:

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