Contactless communication:

NearBytes has the perfect solution for your business.

If you are looking for the best communication technology among different devices, NearBytes is the right choice.

Practical, safe and up to date, NearBytes can simplify and expand the possibilities for your business in ways you never imagined.

Compatible with all mobile phones, tablets and computers in the market.

Ready for use.

100% safe and with an authentication layer.

Low cost.

Doesn’t need internet access to work.

Allows communication between different devices.

Allows communication between different operational systems.

It doesn’t need a specific hardware to work.

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Imagine if you could send information in real time to mobile viewers and radio listeners as they watch their favorite programs?

And even not needing cell phone signal and internet connection. Campaigns, product information, complementary content, discount coupons and various other forms of interaction with your audience are now possible with NearBytes technology.

See a practical example in this campaign conceived by Africa Agency for Itaú bank in partnership with NearBytes:

The use of the 2nd screen came to stay.

Today more and more people use their smartphones while doing other activities. Television is an example, Google searches show that six in ten viewers use the phone while watching TV, and of those, seven in ten pay more attention on the mobile. In this context, NearBytes is the perfect solution for you to interact with your customer, creating more satisfaction, engagement and loyalty.


  • High scalability, allowing reaching millions of users;
  • Instant impact;
  • It doesn’t need cell phone signal, Wi-Fi or 3G/4G to work;
  • It can be used on both TV and radio;
  • Unique interaction experience with the public;
  • High acceptance and buzz potential;
  • New possibilities for radio advertisements;
  • It enables audio capture even when the unit is away from the speaker.

You can use to

  • Cross media and promotional campaigns;
  • Loyalty programs;
  • Merchandising;
  • Discount coupons;
  • Interactivity during the show;
  • Content complementation;
  • Product information;

And much more!

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Access Control

The days of carrying several keys to go out, memorizing passwords and standing in long lines to pay the parking lot are over.

With NearBytes technology, you just need a cell phone to make your life more practical and expand the possibilities for your company to save time and money.

Beyond that, access control through NearBytes is much safer because permissions can revoked at any time.

Some examples of access control using NearBytes:

Door opening

Parking gates opening

Websites login

Sallio, the best access control app that it’s ready for use.

Sallio is the application developed by NearBytes for access control. It works like a virtual key holder within which you can carry several keys at once. Practical, safe and in your mobile!

How does Sallio work:

The user opens the application and selects the desired key.

He gets his mobile close to the capture microphone.

That’s it. Access granted!

The user's mobile phone only needs to be online during the first use, when it downloads the application, and when registering a new key.

Sallio Box

The Sallio app is integrated with Sallio Box, the unit responsible for capturing the sound and authenticating the user's key.

The Sallio Box has low installation cost and it can be installed from scratch or integrated to your current control system.


  • Simplification and flexibility in access control;
  • Unique and disposable sound keys, making it impossible to reuse recorded sound;
  • 100% safe, working only in authorized devices;
  • It can contain several keys to access different locations;
  • Possibility to revoke access permission at any time;
  • It doesn’t need internet to work;
  • Low setup and access distribution cost;
  • Permanent and temporary credentials;
  • Easy to manage;
  • History of access and keys emissions.

You can use in

  • Electric gates;
  • Doors;
  • Lifting gates;
  • Turnstiles.

And much more!

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If mobile payment is revolutionizing customer habits, doing it with NearBytes technology will be even better. This is because NearBytes offers the most complete, secure and practical solution that can be incorporated into your current payment system. It doesn’t need internet connection to do the transaction. The technology is compatible with all market devices, also enabling payments via mobile phone in e-commerce (the only technology that allows this type of operation).

NearBytes payment solution can be integrated into virtual wallets and in other payment systems. More security, speed and convenience for your customer's shopping!

It’s very easy to make payments via mobile phone with NearBytes. Check out those examples:

Physical stores payment

E-commerce payment

How does it work

NearBytes is the right choice for financial institutions, payment gateways, telecom companies and mWallet developers seeking the best mobile payment solution.

Understand how it works:

The customer types in the payment amount.

Confirmm the payment with their four-digit password.

Click the confirmation button and it’s done! The payment was done successfully.

The client doesn’t need internet connection at the moment of payment.

NearBytes X Others payment solutions

Check out the chart comparing NearBytes to credit card and others forms of virtual payment and understand why NearBytes solution is the best:

Features NearBytes Credit Card with Smart Chip Other M-Payments
Security Random OTP + Time Based OTP + Pay Value OTP + Security PIN EMV Chip Mostly online PIN communication / QR Codes / NFC
Data cloning prevention
Replay attack prevention
Tunning prevention
Physical theft prevention
User setup Online setup Physical delivery + Phone / Web activation Online setup
Device conectivity Offline Offline Online
Authentication method Sound EMV card reader PIN/QR Codes / NFC
Online payments
Online payment input Same as POS* Card number + Verification Code + Valid date + Name + Address N/A
Online cloning security Same as POS* Target for trojans + Eveasdropping N/A
Online user experience Simple (single step) Lots of typing N/A
POS* / Online payment similarity Same Different N/A
POS* Requirements Any Android / iOS / computer with microphone EMV card reader NFC enabled devices / smartphones

*POS or PoS means Point of Sale or Point of Service. It can be a cash desk on a physical store or other place where the sale occurs. It usually uses credit cards readers and other sale terminals. POS systems are used in restaurants, hotels, stadiums, casinos, and retail stores. If something can be sold, it uses a POS system.


  • Fast payment and highly secure;
  • Disposable codes system based on DSCs (Dynamic Security Codes), one of the highest protection systems for financial transactions;
  • Security layer with an OTP generator (One Time Passwords);
  • The buyer doesn’t need to be online for the transaction to work;
  • The only technology that allows mobile payment in virtual shops (e-commerce);
  • Safer than credit card for online purchases, because we can assure that the authorization came from an authorized device and that the correct pin was entered;
  • No machine rental;
  • Easy implementation;
  • Same shopping experience in physical stores and virtual ones;
  • Simple integration with any payment system;
  • It doesn’t need a specific hardware to work.

You can use it

  • General payments;
  • Physical store payments;
  • E-commerce/virtual payments;
  • Vending machines;

And much more!

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Welcome to a new era of tickets validation.

Forget the lines, paper print, the presence of scalpers and all the hassle. With NearBytes you can validate tickets using just your mobile phone. The access codes are unique, disposable, protected against fraud and resale(if desired) and it can be configured based on specific criteria such as date, time and place.

You can also use the NearBytes technology in passenger transport check in, loyalty programs, promotional activities and a wide range of other applications. More simplicity, agility and security for your business!

Check out some examples of how NearBytes makes your life easier:

Tickets validation

Discount coupons

Benefits programs

Transportation access validation


  • Simple and fast access, forget the long lines to redeem tickets and need for credit card verification;
  • High security against fraud and scalpers, since the ticket only works on the purchaser device and once recovered it can be assured it can’t be resold;
  • It doesn’t need internet to work;
  • Low setup and access distribution cost;
  • Compatible with all mobile devices in the market;
  • Excellent user experience;
  • Easy to manage;
  • Unique and disposable sound keys, impossible to record for reuse;
  • You can limit the access based on multiple criteria, such as week, date, time and access door or allow unlimited access;
  • Ecological, eliminating the use of paper;
  • Simple integration with any authentication system;
  • Ticket emission history.

You can use it

  • Events, movies, concerts and theaters;
  • Electronic tickets in transportation;
  • Turnstiles release in commercial buildings;
  • Advantage programs;
  • Promotional campaigns;
  • Discount coupons;
  • Vouchers;

And much more!

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NearBytes SDK

Do you have a contactless communication project between devices?

We have the solution!

The patent pending technology NearBytes SDK is a development package that allows to easily create a huge variety of contactless applications and even develop complex solutions involving credit transfer. Unlike others existing technologies, like Bluetooth and NFC, NearBytes SDK is compatible with all devices in the market and it doesn’t need internet to work.

NearBytes SDK is the basis of all NearBytes solutions - broadcasting, access control, payments e tickets validation - and it can also be used for whatever you want.

More than 1,000 developers have confirmed the potential and efficiency of NearBytes SDK. Give it a try and be one step ahead of the market players!

NearBytes is for everything and everybody

Unlike other contactless communication technology, such as NFC and Bluetooth, the NearBytes is compatible with all market devices, browsers and most popular operating systems. This enables a wider range of applications and audience reach for your business.

Why NearBytes technology is the best option?

The NearBytes technology is the only one that brings together the necessary characteristics to guarantee the success of any contactless communication between devices. Check out the comparison table below between the mainstream technologies and understand why NearBytes is the most complete solution:

Bluetooth NFC NearBytes
Compatible with all mobile phones, tablets and computers in the market
Ready to use
Works offline
Provides a security layer and integrated authentication


  • Safe and easy integration with other technologies;
  • Tutorials with all the necessary information to get started;
  • Price plans according to the number of activations;
  • Option of hiring extra security layers against frauds;
  • Compatible with Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers;
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac Os, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Phone;
  • Interoperability: the technology doesn’t require anything other the app itself installed to operate;
  • Dashboard to manage the use of the technology;
  • Developer forum between developers with the NearBytes team support;
  • It doesn’t need a specific hardware to work.

Endless applications

The NearBytes SDK development kit makes it easy to use the most complete and efficient technology for contactless communication. Doesn’t stay behind the competition: contact us now and get access to what is most up to date in the contactless communication segment.

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