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NearBytes began with a clear mission: make contactless communication between devices easy, affordable and efficient.

From this premise, the company developed in 2013 an innovative data exchange technology via sound waves that has been tested and proven by more than 1,000 developers in Brazil, Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and Australia. The founders of NearBytes have been working in the digital market for over 20 years.

Today NearBytes is innovating and creating solutions in contactless communication in different markets, noticeably broadcasting (TV/radio), access control, payments in physical stores and e-commerce and ticket validation.

How does it work

NearBytes is a patent pending technology that uses sound waves to exchange information between close devices.

NearBytes technology, that takes the same name as the company, is able to make devices communicate easily, quickly and securely, using only a microphone and a speaker, components that we find today on all gadgets. In this communication, the sound is not only the transmission channel, but the data itself.


If you seek an efficient communication technology among different devices, NearBytes is what you need!

The technology offers a number of advantages for your business that you can’t find in anywhere else. Check out below:

Compatible with all mobile phones, tablets and computers in the market.

Ready for use.

100% safe and with an authentication layer.

Low cost.

Doesn’t need internet access to work.

Allows communication between different devices.

Allows communication between different operational systems.

It doesn’t need a specific hardware to work.

Where it can be used

NearBytes developed the easiest, safest and most affordable contactless communication technology on the market.

Today we offer solutions on the following areas:

And it doesn’t stop there! You can use the technology in any area of your interest, just hire the NearBytes SDK to help you develop your own solution. Access here this product page.

Why NearBytes technology is the best

Although there are other proximity communication technologies, like Bluetooth/BLE, QrCode and NFC, just NearBytes meets the basic requirements of a successful solution.

It is the only technology that can reach all users, provide the necessary security to conduct transactions and provide an excellent and frictionless user experience. Get to know the difference:

Bluetooth NFC NearBytes
Compatible with all mobile phones, tablets and computers in the market
Ready to use
Works offline
Provides a security layer and integrated authentication

Countries which use NearBytes technology

The NearBytes technology has already been tested and proven by more than 1,000 developers around the world. Check out the current countries with our technology:

NearBytes in numbers

257,367 Data transferred through NearBytes technology.

102,619 Smartphones already used an app with NearBytes technology.

56,165 Installs - all tickets distributed Installs and distribution of all available movie tickets in less than 24 hours, on the "Tickets on Air" campaign from Itaú Bank in partnership with NearBytes. It was idealized by the Africa advertising agency and aired on 2015.

2,796 Installs of the app “Create your own Virtual Parade” from O Globo for the 2014 Carnival, using NearBytes technology.

More than 1,000 developers worldwide registered to the Developer Area..

320 Projects used the NearBytes technology.

50 Countries and almost all of Brazil states used "A Chama/The Flame" app, launched in 2013 with NearBytes technology for the World Youth Day (WYD) in Rio de Janeiro."

Time span: last 2 years.


Since NearBytes technology has been launched, we joined several national and international events in the innovation market. Our technology has been internationally recognized having received several awards.

TOP 50
of the Million Pound 1047 startups / international projects.

TOP 10
of the Futurecom.

TOP 20
of the InovAtiva from 1600 startups.

of the Encontre um Anjo (Find an Angel).

of the VentureOut NY.

of the U-START Milan.

of the UKTI.

of the Meffys 2014.


Our staff is highly trained, experienced and most of all, it's completely passionate about what we do!

Meet our Team:

Marcelo Ramos Co-founder of NearBytes, responsible for research and development. He graduated in Systems Analysis at UFRJ. He began his career as a software engineer in the Electronic Computer Center at UFRJ. Later he founded the Kinetics Mobile, where he was the Director of Technology and worked for over 20 years.

Vivian Rousseau Co-founder of NearBytes, responsible for the executive branch and operations. She graduated in Industrial Design at PUC-RJ. She began her career in the Laboratorium PUC/IBM, coordinating the design team on projects for companies as IBM, Varig, Petrobras and the Brazilian Ministry of Health. Later she founded Kinetics Mobile, where she was Executive Director and Art Director and worked for over 20 years.

Jefferson Pita NearBytes software engineer. Specialized in research and development of software and hardware solutions. He graduated in Systems Analysis from FEUDUC and has a postgraduate degree in Systems Analysis by FUNCEFET. He joined the Kinetics Mobile development team in 2008, working on the development of applications and games for web and mobile platforms.

Ícaro Martins NearBytes software engineer. He graduated in Systems Analysis from FEUDUC and he is a postgraduate student in Systems Analysis by FUNCEFET. Specialized in multiple platforms development and creating frameworks. In 2009, he joined the Kinetics Mobile software development team.

Why investing in mobile solutions?

In December 2017 there will be 4,5 billion smartphones in the world. There were 1,9 billion in 2015. That means the number will grow by 237%.

6 out of 10 TV viewers use cell phones while watching TV. And of those, 7 in 10 pay more attention to the mobile.

3,2 trillion dollars will be expended in the mobile commerce market (m-commerce) in 2017.

After 2016 there will be 364,6 million unique users of mobile phones in Latin America, or 57.7% of the population.

The world data traffic exchange with mobile networks will grow 11 times between 2013 to 2018, which means an average annual rate of 61%.

Sources: Google, Cisco, Ericson, GSMA e Juniper.

As you can see, the mobile market is exploding and there are huge opportunities!

What are you waiting to innovate and stay one step ahead of the market using the NearBytes technology?

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